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Week of Failure

March 9th, 2011 at 08:00 pm

So this week, we failed. We overspent. And I feel so guilty! We spent through our emergency fund. I told Hubby that we need to have more self-control. I don't want to have the emergency fund in a separate bank because if we need it, it needs to be available ASAP, but we can't continue to spend it. He agrees. We are still not good at this. We have been getting progressively better, but it's a work in progress and this week, we failed.

As far as paying off the credit cards goes, we're doing well. As for the rest of the month, we'll just go on like usual. One date a week. And be much stricter on emergency fund disposal.

We failed. But, I've forgiven myself just enough to sleep at night, but we absolutely cannot let this happen again. It was so irresponsible. This journey is not easy.

One way we're trying to overcome our failure in coming weeks is to have our date nights in the middle of the week instead of directly after payday. We get so excited about payday that we always do dinner the same day or the next day. We will wait until Monday night this week. Hopefully it's in between enough for us to hold off. I guess we'll see.

4 Responses to “Week of Failure”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try, try again! You can do it!

  2. LittleMsMom Says:

    You said IF you need your Emergency Fund you need it ASAP, What does that mean? How Fast is ASAP?

    If you were to have an online savings account for your Emergency Fund so it was not sitting in your checking just asking to be spent, would the three-four days it takes to transfer the money out of savings to your checking account be that big of deal?

    I have to have my Emergency Fund at a different bank than my checking, besides the fact the rates at my checking bank are BAD! When I have extra money in my Checking it just spends itself. Yes that number will call to me and say oh you can afford to pickup dinner tonight, even though I want to save the money.

  3. KiwiJo09 Says:

    It's in the savings account in the same bank as my checking account. Having it in a separate bank and waiting those 3-4 days makes me nervous. But having it in the same bank is dangerous.

  4. LittleMsMom Says:

    If you had the savings account at another bank that was a brick and mortor bank, IF an emergency happened you could withdrawl the CASH and pay in cash.

    Just a suggestion since I know how hard and dangerous it is to have the savings account there showing the balance on the same page as your checking when you are feeling the crunch.

    I wish you luck in finding a solution that you are comfortable with but at the same time helps you save.

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